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RBC Trades Bursary making a difference in the lives of women in trades!

  Posted by on: April 18, 2016

Marline Holy

Marline Holy has always had a passion for working with engines and automobiles. She owns a few project vehicles herself and enjoys taking things apart, fixing it, and putting it back together.

Marline is now is her second year in the Automotive program. In her Foundation year, Marline was nominated and was awarded the RBC Learning Success Bursary valued at $3000 for 2014/15 year. She was one of the seven who received the award. Marline says the award helped her immensely with living costs and tuition; she didn’t have to go into debt while going to school.

“Winning the award took the financial stress away and I was able to focus on the studies. I didn’t need to try to juggle work and school. With that worry taken off, I was able to successfully complete the foundation program.”

Getting the second installment of the award after the program was over was also beneficial to Marline: “My rent was covered, and I could spend time looking for employment in the automotive industry, rather than taking the first job I could get just to stay afloat…and I did! I found employment in a small family-owned automotive repair shop! I was able to find work in the industry that I had gone to school for- it was great!”

Marline reflects back on her experience and would encourage anyone to go for a trade they are passionate about. She notes, yes, money is important, but when you have passion for the trade you’re interested in, it seems to open more doors.

“I am fascinated with this trade; I want to know engines and parts inside and out! I have been blessed with my path into trades. First, the staff and teachers I have encountered are amazing! They don’t treat anyone any different, no matter what gender, or size, or experience. Second, I was so happy for the RBC programs. They have helped immensely. I see the posters for the ‘Lunch and Learns’ and I think it’s fantastic! These types of supports are all a part of turning those dreams into possibilities, and I am living proof.”

RBC generously donates $21,000 to be awarded to seven RBC Learning Success recipients from Foundations courses annually for ten years. Their instructors nominate the women in trades students based on their academic accomplishments and work ethic. Seventy bursaries will have been awarded by the end of the ten-year commitment.

Congratulations to Marline on pursuing your dream in trades. If you have a story about your successes in trades and would like to share, send us an email to witt@tru.ca – we would love to feature you in one of our upcoming blogs!